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concentrated anti freeze and coolant additive

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  • MaterialEthylene glycol, corrosion inhibitors, anti-gelling ingredients, anti-foaming compounds, scale inhibitors & etc
  • Weight1 kg
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  • South Korea South Korea
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- Introduction -
▶ Antifreeze coolant concentrates in general consist of 95% of ethylene glycol and 5%. The lifespan of the coolants is determined by the quality and quantity of additives, which are corrosion inhibitors, anti-gelling ingredients, anti-foaming compounds and scale inhibitors. Therefore, the decision should be based on the additives used by the brand since the base product most likely came from the same source. 

▶ Conventional coolants provide short service life, because the additives loose its protective effects to prevent corrosion in coolant system such as radiator, water pump, and heater core.

▶ Using high quality organic corrosion inhibitors, our expanded-life antifreeze coolant concentrate, PROTECH allows a long lifespan. Furthermore, it can be mixed with any kinds of coolants and also compatible with any brands of cars.

- Why is coolant concentrate needed? 

▶ Most engine problems are based on the heat generated from combustion, even more for high performance. This heat is then transferred to all the components of the engine and disrupts lubrication and engine integrity. Herein, maintenance of coolant system is  critical in preventing engine troubles and enhancing its performance and efficiency.

▶ The coolant can be lost through evaporation and owners should watch and refill the level constantly.

▶ If cheep coolant to maintain the level is added to your high quality coolant, the additives are diluted and it lessen the protective effects of the additives, finally resulting in short engine lifespan.  However, our PROTECH concentrate easily solve this problem. The PROTECH can be compatible with any brands of antifreeze coolants. When you use PROTECH, the remaining other brand coolants will be revitalized as new one.

▶ PROTECH can be used alone without any coolants.




PROTECH concentrate antifreeze coolant additive is…

▶ Compatible with both domestic and imported cars

▶ Can be mix with any coolants (any color and any ingredients)
▶ Extended-life organic coolant: 120,000 km or 5 years of service life for sedan
                                                     5,000 hours for heavy vehicles



▶ Anti-corrosive effect:
Corrosion inhibitor is added 4 times compared to the conventional one and guarantees anti-corrosion.

▶ Protecting cooling system
 - corrosion inhibitors, anti-gelling ingredients, anti-foaming compounds and scale inhibitors continue the integrity of the cooling system

▶ Extended-life product
    PROTECH 120,000 km or 5 yr  vs. others 30,000km or 2 yr

▶ Convenience
     - easily mixed with water
     - If used alone, freezing point -42℃/boiling point 130℃

▶ Compatibility
   PROTECH is compatible with any domestic and imported cars




▶ The cooling system of an engine is very much its life-blood.
▶ Without proper thermal management not only does power production and fuel
    consumption suffer, but also life expectancy.
▶During winter, pump malfunctions happen due to deposit and gel induced blocks and leaks 


※ PROTECH is not needed to be mixed with water. It is already mixed with fine water.



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concentrated anti freeze and coolant additive