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fuel additive for gasoline and diesel

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PROSHOT fuel additive 

Fuel additive for gasoline, diesel - 500ml 

Fuel additive dor shipment and heavy duty - 1L 



PROSHOT is a fuel system cleaner using high-quality dispersants. It efficiently cleans the fuel injector, its injection pump and all intake system, and also removes water from the fuel intake system.
PROSHOT is able to clean fuel injectors up to 99%; 90-99% of carbon deposit and sludge on the intake valve can be removed, resulting in more than 5% of fuel-saving and vapor corrosion inhibition.  




1) Increase fuel-efficiency 5~9%

- Carbon deposit on the intake valve and injector disturbs the balanced ratio between air and fuel, and finally causes incomplete combustion (excessive hazardous fumes).

- Clean fuel injectors up to 99%.
- Remove 90-99% of carbon deposit and sludge on the intake valve.
- 5% of fuel-saving and vapor corrosion inhibition.


2) Remove water in fuel tank

-Water from the fuel tank possibly blocks fuel lines in winter. Moisture also contributes to the accumulation of sludge in the fuel system.

- Remove water in the fuel tank. Prevent fuel filter blockage.

-Water accelerates the corrosion process; a slight rust on the injection metering valve results in the need of its replacement.

-PROSHOT makes water dispersed and emulsifiable, and finally inhibits corrosion on the fuel system.


3) Decrease exhaust fumes19.7%

- The injector and carburetors in which carbon and sludges are deposited discharge much more emission materials than allowable limit of regulation.

- Reduce discharges(hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide) by cleaning injector, carburetor and discharge system.



500ml 1bottle per 80L of fuel

-> Sedan: 500ml 1bottle / Full size car: 1L 1bottle per 500L of fuel 

Ship: PROSHOT for marine 1L 1bottle per 1000L of fuel



How to use 




1. Inject PROSHOT 1 bottle before you fill up
2. More efficient when used twice consecutively.
3. It is recommended to put it again periodically after 5,000Km drive.
4. Fuel saving when used periodically  (more than 5%)




about manufacturer :

DAELIM Enterprise/
The chemistry-professionalized company, founded in October 1994, has been proudly producing top-quality lubricants, automotive additives, and maintenance products.

we pleasantly provide a variety of products for the appropriate automobile.

we produce OEM for 3M, Hankook Tire, Kumho Tire, Emart, Lotte mart, Home Plus and so on.


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fuel additive for gasoline and diesel

fuel additive for gasoline and diesel

fuel additive for gasoline and diesel

fuel additive for gasoline and diesel